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Target Department Stores Save Millions by switching to LED lighting

Posted by EOS Staff on Apr 8, 2019 4:56:30 PM

Target Corporation has replaced old fluorescent ceiling light fixtures with more than 2 million LED fixtures in nearly all stores across the United States. According to a source at Target Corp headquarters, this switch over the past several years saved the company millions of dollars and reduced energy usage.

Four years ago Target started the process of investigating the cost to benefit ratio of undertaking such a large project. These Initial LED lighting tests across about 100 stores prompted Target to replace the fixtures in nearly all of their 1,800-plus stores. In June 2016, the company made the decision to install next generation, smart LED sales floor fixtures, store accent lighting, and distribution center site lighting.

The lights reduce energy required to power the stores by 10% annually, according to the company. This move also led to “millions of dollars in cost savings.” Now, Target says, every new store opened will have LEDs from here on out.

Target will save an average of 470 million kilowatts of energy each year, helping their stores become even more energy efficient. Target takes environmental impact very seriously and this move is a statement that they will put their money where their values are.

Target has a 2020 goal of reducing overall energy consumption by 10%.  The company reported reducing energy intensity in 2017 by 5.58% compared to a 2010 baseline. Recently the retailer announce plans to reduce absolute Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions 30% below 2017 levels by 2030.

Over the next few years, Target anticipates adding fixtures to hundreds of parking lots, stockrooms, and additional spaces in stores. At least 80% of the stores nationwide have received Energy Star certification.

"The technology is here and the math make sense. It's not just a little savings here and there... it all stacks up to be millions of dollars of savings for Target. We are seeing companies really look into these technologies now that energy prices are at an all time high. Since energy prices aren't going down anytime soon we all need to look at ways to reduce. Beyond the obvious energy/financial savings the lighting in the stores is going to actually be improved for the customer and employees alike. It's a rare situation to get a win-win-win but that's exactly what this is. A win for Target (savings), a win for the customer/employees (better lighting quality), and a win for the environment (energy reduction). I hope more large retailers take a serious look at this." said Ted Dutcher, Energy Optimization Specialist.

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