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Save On Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting

 Fact: EOS can bring all the capital for the upgrades to the table. That means you can choose to pay ZERO out of pocket and still get these upgrades.
Fact: EOS is the only company in the country that builds LED tech in small batches for our clients. We sell direct with no distribution model so your tech is 2 - 3 generations better than anything else out there.

How can Energy Optimization Services (EOS) claim that their upgrades will be "Cash-flow positive from Day One"?

Click the video below and you'll understand exactly why we can make the claim that you'll be cash-flow positive from day one, and how we've done just that for every one of our customers.

100% Cash-flow positive
100% of our proposals cash-flow positive from DAY ONE! If they don't we don't present them.  Our industry reputation was built on this principal. EOS has better tech, better prices, and a better warranty than our competition.
We can bring the money
We have partners that will offer 100% financing for your whole project and the SAVINGS from the project will be greater than the monthly PAYMENT.  OR we can bring an investor that will pay for the WHOLE PROJECT for a percentage of the savings.
10 Year Promise
You will save money every month even with a new equipment payment. Your lighting will improve instantly. Your building will be worth more and/or your cap rate will increase. Your employees will be happier and make fewer mistakes. PLUS we warranty it all for 10 years.

Capital Expense vs. Operating Expense

Everybody knows that if you can take a capital expense and kick the can down the road, as long as you don't have a catastrophic event, it makes more sense. So, for example you can get a 30 year roof that you can get 32 years out of. Or, let's say you have a HVAC system that you can squeeze out a couple more years for. As long as the catastrophic event doesn't happen, kicking the can down the road for a capital expense is the smarter thing to do. But we're not talking about a capital expense.

We're talking about a reduction under operating expense. If you could take your mortgage from 10 grand ($10,000 USD) to 5 grand ($5,000 USD) when do you want to start? If you could increase your profit, when would you want that increase in profit to start? And, here’s the bottom line: the savings are going to be more than the payment to create that savings. It’s as simple as that. 

100% Cash Flow Positive from Day One

100% of our proposals are cash flow positive from day one, or we wouldn’t even present them. Not only that, but we’ll get you 100% financing for the whole project. Either through an equipment loan or for an off balance sheet type of rental agreement. Either way the payment for the upgrade will always be significantly less than the savings for that upgrade. So, forget about LED lights for a second and think about rain gutters.

If you knew you could have an extra ten grand ($10,000 USD) a month in profit simply by changing out your rain gutters, wouldn’t you do it? The bottom line is this LED lighting upgrades aren’t a capital expense, don’t look at them as a capital expense. Instead look at it as a reduction in your operating expenses. Energy Optimization Services can also bring 100% of the capital to the table and cover the costs for that capital amortized over five years. And, the savings will still be greater than the monthly payment for that capital. And, we’ll give you a ten year warranty on top of that.

So, for five years your going to be cash flow positive even with the LED payment. But, then after five years the payment goes away and your cash flow is going to be even greater. So when would you want to implement that lower cost? When would you want that positive cash flow to start?

To Recap:

  • Energy Optimization Services offers LED lighting solutions for Operating Expense minded commercial operations.

  • The energy savings installing our LED solutions are going to be more than the payment to create that savings.

  • All our proposals are 100% cash flow positive from day one.

  • 10 year warranty.

  • 5 years cash flow positive even with LED payment. After 5 years payment goes away, even more positive cash flow as a result.

You'll get new, start-of-the-art LED fixtures for your business, AND your operation costs will REDUCE and you SAVE money.

We utilize our vast knowledge, experience, and relationships to improve our client's profitability significantly. The energy optimization plans that we design and implement reduce energy expenditures so dramatically that our projects are cash flow positive from day one.

We will increase your net operating income (NOI) and provide double or triple digit cash-on-cash (IRR) returns and dramatic return on investment (ROI), all while enabling the PR benefits of transforming assets into green technology envoys.

Accesso Hallways

EOS has submitted proposals and been selected to provide LED fixtures and for leading companies such as Oracle, Good Year, and United Technologies.


Matrix Design Group audited the energy savings for the City of Pueblo Colorado 2 years after EOS upgraded the public buildings for the city. Matrix Design Group found our predictive estimates to be not only ACCURATE but also conservative by a slight margin.

Why can't other lighting companies make these same claims?

Because the "traditional lighting distribution model" is broken and it takes too long, adds too much cost, and it can't keep up with the release pace of new technology. We invented a new way to get LED tech into your hands faster AND for less money.

You can watch Ted Dutcher explain exactly how we do it in in the video titled "How EOS competes against and beats the lighting giants".

Your facility is unique, so a custom solution is required.

We've been helping customers improve their facilities and lower their bills for years now and something is ALWAYS true. No two projects are the same.  Here's what WE need to do to create a cash-flow positive solution for YOU.

3 Simple Steps:

  • Get on the phone with you for 15 minutes and do some basic discovery and schedule a time for our tech to come out to your location.
  • Come visit you and perform a professional inspection and energy audit so we can get a baseline and build the savings and upgrade plan.
  • Schedule a time to present the SBA (Savings Benefit Analysis) to your team. This document takes many hours to create and it will be the roadmap for your upgrade. It will clearly outline the cost and the savings as well as the labor cost and timelines.

Fill this out to get started.

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