Maybe your business doesn’t have the cash to invest in efficiency upgrades. Maybe you do—but you’d rather invest it elsewhere.

Don’t worry. We’ve got options.

Zero Risk

Zero money out of pocket. EOS has a partner that will step in and take your deal, making 100% of the investment on your company’s behalf. They install revenue grade meters and you keep 20-30% of the actual savings for 5-7 years, 100% thereafter. The exact program we offer you, they pay for it in exchange for 70-80% of your savings for 5-7 yrs.

100% Financing

Positive Cash Flow from Day 1. Your monthly power bill reduction will be greater than your monthly finance payments. As an example, if you could reduce your $10,000/month energy bill to $6,000/month plus a $2,000/ month finance payment, wouldn’t you want the $2,000/month increase in cash flow? This is a no brainer — why not reduce expenditures to increase your Net Operating Income for zero cash outlay starting today?

Maximize Net Operating Income

If a 3rd party expert in energy-efficient technology is willing to step in and make an investment on your behalf in exchange for receiving 70-80% of your created energy savings, for just 5-7 years of the projected 10-30-year life expectancy of the technology… why not pay cash and keep 100% of the savings? If a cash investment is not an issue, this option makes you the most money—maximizing annual & lifetime savings, IRR, ROI & NOI.